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Instagram for Business


Learn Why Instagram Is Good for All Businesses!

Of all the methods that will help your business, this one will rise above. It is something people have been doing for many years (even before the internet) and it continues to work due to the excitement factor. This method is to hold a contest on Instagram.

The best kind of prize to give out is your product. This is because people will associate the contest with your product and will make that connection whenever you hold these contests. It can also get people who would not normally be buyers of your product to give it a shot.

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Contests are a great way for brands to go viral. People share them like crazy. How cool would you be if you let ten friends in on a contest for a great prize? This is how people think when they share. They want to be the one who initially shared. They become the trendsetter among the group of friends.

What kind of contest should you run? That depends on what your objectives are, but one great contest to hold is to ask customers to upload photos to Instagram of them using your product. This alone can get people interested in buying. However, if the prize is the product itself, you may want to choose something different. A popular alternative is to use accessories for the product.

If you don’t have a decent prize to give away, reach out to other vendors who may have something good to offer. They give you the product in ex-change for good PR for their product. You can mention their company as being the sponsor or you can let their product speak for itself. It all de-pends on the agreement you have. It’s probably best to choose vendors with similar products to yours or at least products that compliment your products.

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